The Weekly Digest: 16th - 22nd July


The Weekly Digest is a round-up of our (and your!) favorite posts of the week, highlighted together and split by activity for your weekend enjoyment.


To mark the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen's death, we at The Attic dedicated a week of posts to the literary queen. To kick us off, Literature Editor Olivia ponders the purpose of rereading the books we already know.


On the heels of yet another revival announcement, Culture Editor Eliza cautiously expresses excitement.


Political Editor Lauren presents a stunning defense of higher education.


Dear Lee tackles social media, and how to handle friends when they're no longer your 'friends.'


As part of our Jane Austen Series, Fashion Editor Raquel immerses herself into an Emma re-read through style.

Bonus! For more on what she's reading, check out Raquel's Summer Reading List here; and in case you've missed it, Amy's shared hers this week as well!


Beauty Editor Rory returns with a beginner's guide to Primer.


As Olivia heads out on her Summer holidays, we peek a look inside her bags.

Bonus! For more of our Jane Austen Series, check out a creative post by Rory here.

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