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Rory mara

Beauty Editor

Co-Founder and Beauty Editor

Rory Mara was born in Southern Italy twenty-something years ago. There, she grew up studying at the local Liceo Classico and devoting all her free time to ballet. It is in these years that she learnt to perfect the art of makeup and fell in love with it, amidst pointe shoes, pink tutus, painful routines, and bleeding feet. After graduating from high school, she moved to Milan where she studied Economics at Università Bocconi. She graduated in less than three years, despite all odds and an intense dislike for accounting. After a few years working as a freelance translator and traveling around Europe, Rory moved to Geneva where she began studying English literature anew. She still lives there, now pursuing an MA. You can find her researching beheadings in Medieval Literatures at her favourite coffee shop, or trying all the different shades of red lipstick on the back of her hand at the closest beauty store.