A Guide to Priming: Rory's Favourites


To be completely honest, when I first started learning about makeup, I could not see what the point of primers – or rather, of prepping your skin since twelve years ago the primer-craze was a thing of the future. I remember rarely even putting hydrating cream on, but back then I was 15  and my adolescent skin glowed no matter what (we’re talking about pre-acne skin here, because that’s a whole different story). Things have changed now, of course. I am nearing 30, and the pressure of preserving my youthful glow increases every day — not to mention, the first ‘first-wrinkles’ products the ladies at the beauty stands are starting to recommend. That is why priming to me is  an essential part more of my skin routine than of my makeup. Here are the products I have been using for the good part of this year and that have become staples:

1.Eau de Beauté, Caudalie

I use this beauty elixir as a sort of tonic, before applying any other products. I can feel that my skin is much smoother after I mist it all over my face. Tip: bring it with you in your bag and apply during the day to refresh your look and recapture your glow!

2.Super Pure, Glossier

Okay, technically, this is not a primer, but it is nevertheless a product I personally have to think of in such terms or I’ll forget to apply it. In a way, I have said how the line between priming and skin routine is a fine one, and this product for breakout-prone skin is perfect for those moments in your life of stress or hormonal imbalance (although if that is the case, I’d advise you to consult a doctor)

3.Skin Moisture Solution, Bobbi Brown

Again, this is not a primer, but this is the winter version of the previous product; especially here in Switzerland. Winters get very dry, and my skin tends to resemble that of a wizened snake (a charming image, don’t you think?), hence I need something to boost hydration and make my skin look soft and nurtured.

4.The PoreFessional, Benefit

This product has actually been in my bag for over three years. The slightly colored cream gives me the feeling that I am already putting some form of makeup on, applying to the T-zone and a bit on my chin, right below my lower lip.

5.Hangover, Too Faced

This is a replenishing face primer that ‘loves your skin, even when you don’t!’; this is the kind of product I wear when I don’t have time for a full hydrating routine (unfortunately, that is more often than I care to admit). The light coconut fragrance is pleasing and gives you the feeling that you are indeed quenching your face’s thirst.