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Amy Richardson


Amy Richardson was born and raised in small village in rural Warwickshire. After a childhood spent either with her nose in a book or prancing about in a dance studio, she decided to flee the countryside for life somewhere with a little bit more excitement. After reading for an English degree at Royal Holloway, University of London, she returned home with an even deeper love of literature and a new appreciation for the idyllic landscape she grew up in. After a brief stint trying her hand working for an online retailer, she felt the lure of academia once more, heading up north to the University of York, where she spent a happy but hard year earning an MA in Medieval Studies.  

Amy specialises in feminist readings of medieval texts, highlighting female narratives and attempting to interpret what they may have meant to the women who owned or read them. She has recently moved to London where she works in a national art gallery and can’t quite believe that she gets paid to talk to people about art, let alone fall in love with new paintings almost every week. Although forever a country girl at heart, she’s not quite bored of big city life just yet and can be found spending her days off exploring the many hidden gems of London’s cultural landscape.   

Amy is a founding member of The Attic on Eighth.