What I'm Taking on Summer Holiday

The Internet loves to beg the question, "What's in My Bag?" but we here at the Attic thought we'd take that one step further and have our Editors share the things going into their suitcases. This won't be a very frequent feature – most of us are, after all, struggling grad students or  quite early on in our careers – but as I'm off on summer holiday tomorrow, I thought I would kick it off.  I'm headed to Western France to visit my partner's family and stay in his grandmother's childhood home, and the region is rather warm at the moment so summer is the only thing on my mind.

First to go into my bag is my signature dress of the year. This is a very basic dress, based on an old favorite that no longer fits – but I had it made in six different colors by my mom's tailor in Turkey, and it is definitely my new staple. You're sure to see this pop up in Attic photos in the future!


Next is a Sandro shirt that I bought on sale two summers ago. I like to keep my arms covered from the sun, and this offers me (perhaps questionable) protection while keeping me cool. Plus, I like its spin on the classic white button-up and like to wear as much eyelet and lace as possible.


Summer means swimming and, for me, this means wearing a bathing suit for the first time in ten years.


I like to keep my makeup light year-round, but especially in the summer. This week, I'll be focusing on sun protection (as discussed in our Master Sunscreen Post), highlighter (Bobbi Brown's Pink Glow), and a bold lip (my shade of the season is Electric Pink).


Last but not least, what is a summer holiday without lots of books? I plan to read as many of these as I can (and make sure I'm hidden from the sun as I'm doing so):