Fresh Off Eden - Makeup at the MET Gala and a "Heavenly Bodies" Inspired Look

The MET Gala took us all by storm yesterday. The theme was the highly anticipated "Heavenly Bodies," inspired by the role religion has played in influencing art, beauty, and fashion. While, I was not there of course, Instagram is giving so many behind the scenes looks and details from the night. Let me start then with my Top 5 Favourite Makeup Look from the night:

These looks.... One of the things I love the most about them is that whether Angels or Jezebels, these women slew. Big Time. The level of creativity is incredible. And, of course, it couldn't have been anything else with Rihanna at the helm (yes, she really went for it!). 

Now, what is a girl to do on the morrow of such an event when the only excitement is class and work? Wake up early and create her own makeup look inspired by it! 

The first thought that came to my mind was Paradise Lost and the glory that is Book IX. I wanted a look that captured the freshness of Eve, on the cusp of being seduced by the serpent's logic. Their meeting and exchange is in fact a back and forth of questions and answers. The Temptation is not Evil in its original form, but the temptation of words and Reason. 

Glossier's Lidstar in Moon helped me achieve a shiny but not overwhelming eye look. To line my eyes underneath, I used a plum-coloured eyeshadow from my Nars X Man Ray palette, to make my eyes look bigger and give at once a feeling of innocence and a hint of darkness. A lot of mascara (Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder) and the sharpest possible eyebrow, obtained using Benefit's Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil (but not gel as I wanted them a bit more on the 'unkept' side). On my cheek, Glossier's Cloud Paint in Haze created a blush that looks natural and rosy, looking quite dewy with the aid of Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed Highlighter in Moonstone. The finishing touch is Glossier's Lip Gloss Crystal Clear Shine.

And here I am, ready for class, ready to be seduced by words...

        ... and in her look summs all Delight.
Such Pleasure took the Serpent to behold
This Flourie Plat, the sweet recess of Eve
Thus earlie, thus alone; her Heav'nly forme
Angelic, but more soft, and Feminine,
Her graceful Innocence, her every Aire
Of gesture or lest action overawd
His Malice, and with rapine sweet bereav'd
His fierceness of the fierce intent it brought:
That space the Evil one abstracted stood
From his own evil, and for the time remaind
Stupidly good, of enmitie disarm'd, 
Of guile, of hate, of envie, of revenge;
But the hot Hell that alwayes in him burnes,
Though in mid Heav'n, soon ended his delight,
And tortures him now more, the more he sees
Of pleasure not for him ordain'd: then soon
Fierce hate he recollects, and all his thoughts
Of mischief, gratulating, thus excites.

Paradise Lost, Book IX, ll. 454-472