The Attic On Eighth's Springtime Playlist


Is it completely selfish of me to dedicate a playlist to my birthday? Ah, well I guess we should call it by its name, this playlist is titled ‘Springtime’ after all. But perhaps it’s something to do with being born in the spring; every year I feel slightly giddy as though everything is finally coming back to life just as I find myself getting older, whether that’s a good thing or not, and perhaps I can dedicate this all to the idea of grand-ness...? If that’s even a word. But things are happening, to and for the people around me, including my fellow editors and you, dear readers, as things like academic terms wind down and adventures are planned, and I can't help but feel grand at the thought of it all. I’m not one for large celebrations but there’s always a hint of magic in the air on my birthday, and it’s that feeling I look forward to more than any unwrapped present or slice of cake. In this moment, this playlist captures that magic.

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