Mother's Day


Mother’s Day (US) is just under a week away and if you’re like me, you may or may not be completely unprepared for it. I love my mom, and that I’m unprepared doesn't mean I love her any less, simply that I am a hopelessly distracted adult with shifting priorities. Thankfully, I have a little bit more time as I won’t be seeing my mother for a few more weeks, but nevertheless she will receive numerous phone calls over the course of the next week and a bevy of gifts upon our reunion. I find that the more aesthetically pleasing things I pilfer her with, the more she is prone to forgive me. There’s no doubt we are related.

In preparing this gift guide I discussed with Lee what she might not be able to live without this Mother’s Day. You’ll find we haven’t diverted much from last year’s guide, but as the adage stands, you can’t go wrong with the classics. To make it more interesting, Lee presented the challenge: choose a larger item, and fill it with everything you could need inside. You could gift any of these items in groups or individually, but save for the coffee, all of these items fit so wonderfully in the Kate Spade Sam bag* you could also stick a bow on it and be on your way. I might just plan all of my gifting endeavors this way.

In my bag: 

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All pictured items author's own except for the Kate Spade Sam bag, which was gifted to Editor-in-Chief, Olivia Lindem by Kate Spade in partnership with Shopstyle. We may earn a small commission through some links in this post but all opinions are our own.