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The Attic City Guides, Vol. 3: Florence

Art History Grad Student Kiely Schuck shares the ins and outs of Florence, concentrating on its hidden gems, gelato shops, and cafés.

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Coffee Shops of the World: Montreal in Coffee Cups

In the second edition of “Coffee Shops of the World,” Attic writer M.A. McCuen takes us along on a very caffeinated trip to Montreal to coffee shops and cultural sites alike.

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The Attic City Guides, Vol. 2: Washington, D.C.

What makes a great guide in our eyes in not necessarily a round-up of the top, unchanging spots in a city but of the places that make it dear to people who live and travel there. Here, Olivia shares favorite spots in D.C. that she and the other Attic editors visit time again.

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