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Pretty, Put-Together, and Prepared: Women in the 2020 Presidential Field

Women have always been held to a higher standard than men, and this is especially true in politics. Among the candidates running for U.S. President in 2020 are several qualified, well prepared, politically intelligent women, but after the misogynistic media coverage of Hillary Clinton in 2016, Political Editor Lauren wonders if women will ever be viewed as political equals - or superiors - to men.

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What We’re Reading, Vol. 5

As we reach the height of winter and begin settling into a new year, Attic members share the stories that have them cozying up to the radiator this month.

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What We're Reading, Vol. 4

As December rushes by, the Attic editors settle down with their books, some revisiting holiday classics and others discovering harrowing non-fiction.

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