Christmas Cookies in the Attic


Christmas with my family is a non-stop, cookie-baking extravaganza. With the help of my siblings and me, my mom averages about FIVE HUNDRED cookies per season (she wants me to let everyone know that she does not eat them all herself). We bring them to dinner parties, to my grandma's house to celebrate on the 25th, and into our living room to eat as we watch every single cheesy Hallmark film on TV.

Two of my favourite recipes for Christmas cookies are Russian Tea Cakes and Rosemary Curd Thumbprints; we are also huge fans of frosted sugar cookies in my family. Please enjoy the recipes and have a very merry Christmas, wherever in the world you may be!

Russian Tea Cakes (Recipe from Martha Stewart, of course)

In my opinion, these are popped into one's mouth whole and followed by large gulps of milky tea.

Rosemary Curd Thumbprints (Recipe from The Ruby Spoon)

I know how strange these sound, but the combination of rosemary and lemon is truly heavenly. They have more of a biscuit quality to them than a sweet cookie, which makes them an unusual addition to the cookie platter. (Hint: we always substitute homemade clementine curd for lemon curd in a jar. It's much easier.)

Frosted Sugar Cookies

I'm pretty sure everyone makes frosted sugar cookies; my mom has her recipe memorised. These are simple and customisable, and although I'm not the most talented froster, I think mine turned out all right.