The Attic Digest: October - November 2017


The Attic Digest is back with a round-up of our (and your!) favorite posts of the past two months, highlighted together and split by activity for your weekend enjoyment. READ:

Literature Editor Olivia Lindem discusses the reparative powers of reading the likes of Ali Smith and George Saunders.

Bonus! Contributor Annie Jo Baker reclaims Elektra, Political Editor Lauren Olmeda walks us through Dublin's bookshops,  and Olivia considers the parallels between exposing personal letters and revenge porn in Edith Wharton


Culture Editor Eliza Campbell discusses cultural shifts in transgender politics and the elitist environment in Oxbridge.


Political Editor Lauren Olmeda pens a poignant message to men on how they can do better.

Bonus! Political facts to navigate through holiday dinners with your family and a walk-through of the dangers of the Tax Bill


In time for the holidays, Lifestyle Editor Lee Clark shares a festive cranberry sauce recipe while Coffee Addict Olivia shows you how to spice up your lattes.

Holiday Bonuses! Lee, Olivia, and Raquel mix a holiday playlist and Eliza shares some Christmas trinkets


The Attic Editors launch a new Bedside series where, amongst other things, they discuss their nighttime beauty routines.


Olivia takes us back to Istanbul for some Orient Express chic, the Editors begin to walk you through their respective hometowns on Sunday Strolls and roundup an autumn in photos.


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