Christmas Trinkets


And just like that, Christmas is upon us! 2017 has blundered its way through and we’re suddenly at the tail end of the year. I don’t know about you, but these eleven months have gone by so quickly I barely have time to breathe and take stock of the year. However, before we all mull over the defining features of this year in the bleary days between the 25th and New Year, we have the financial thrills and the good-will-to-all-men spirit of Christmas to experience. After the excitement of a couple of flakes of snow in London yesterday, I am positively buzzing with enthusiasm for the festive season (a white Christmas it may not be, but this London urchin can dream). So, to pass on some of that festive cheer and unadulterated, childish enthusiasm, I’m dropping five stand-out Christmassy things from Christmases past down below. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

  1. This cover of Christmas Wrapping by Dog Is Dead.
  2. This Kate Spade ad starring Anna Kendrick.
  3. A very successful BBC good food recipe for a nut roast (my sympathies to all the vegetarians attending dinner parties this season, we can get through this on the parsnips and roast potatoes!)
  4. My own, and very basic warm apple and cinnamon drink: Warm some plain apple juice in a pan until it’s steaming. Add one cinnamon stick (or to your taste). Cover the pan and leave on a low heat for ten minutes or so. Enjoy!
  5.  A Christmas Carol: The Original Manuscript Edition (including emendations, deletions, and insertions in Dickens’ own hand).