The Attic Digest: 31st July - 13th August


The Attic Digest is a round-up of our (and your!) favorite posts of the past two weeks, highlighted together and split by activity for your weekend enjoyment. READ:

Literature Editor Olivia Lindem discusses her long-overdo discovery of Nora Ephron's writings.


Culture Editor Eliza Campbell shares her favorite podcasts of the summer.


Political Editor Lauren Olmeda exposes the danger behind the US Democrat Party's willingness to compromise.


Returning contributor Annie Jo Baker creatively addresses the physical realities of mental illness.


In this week's Dear Lee, Home & Family Editor Lee Clark deals with going on holiday with your (not yet) in-laws.


Drink Expert Raquel Reyes whips up a soothing brew to provide you with caffeine on a summer sick day.


First time contributor, Holly Aylmore gives SPF the 101 treatment and tells us why we absolutely need to wear it.


The first in a series of favorite cities, Lauren Olmeda guides us through Dublin.


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