A Summer of Podcasts


Podcasts are steadily becoming my latest obsession. It’s almost like controlling a radio station that is entirely geared towards your interests. There’s nothing quite like a familiar voice in your ear that you can chuckle along with or learn from as you clean, walk, travel, or just lie around on a lazy summer’s day. Podcasts are, of course, not a revelation made by me or anyone else in recent years (they’ve had the name for over a decade) but over this summer I’ve become transfixed by the plethora of free entertainment that the world of podcasts has to offer to anyone with an internet connection and downloading abilities. So, as I’ll be flying over to Greece this week, with many hours of travel and downtime ahead of me I thought I would share some of my favourite podcasts that will be accompanying me and soon might accompany you on your travels.

  • Guardian Politics Weekly Currently taking its summer break as Parliament is in recess, this is a weekly podcast (and daily during election season) on the twists and turns of British politics. It features insight and commentary from some of The Guardian’s best political journalists as well as words from politicians and general commentators. It’s particularly interesting to go back to episodes before the victories of Brexit and Trump to see what is predicated and what is not. Find their latest podcast on plots, feuds, and summer reading here!

  • Mostly Lit Mostly Lit is a brilliant London-based podcast that focuses on literature, popular culture, and the lives of millennials. Alex, Rai, and Derek offer up reviews, commentary, and such dazzling personalities you can’t help but listen. Find their SoundCloud and their latest podcast on summer reading here!

  • Homecoming Homecoming is a psychological thriller that will keep you up at night. The episodes are short and punchy, featuring big star names such as Oscar Isaac and David Schwimmer. Listen to the whole series here!

  • #goodmuslimbadmuslim This is a monthly podcast that goes in-depth on the experience of Muslim women in America. Hosts Taz Ahmed and Zahra Noorbakhsh discuss the pressures they feel from both inside and outside of their communities to present in a certain way with good humour and heapings of satire. Listen to their latest episode here!

  • You Must Remember This You Must Remember This is a gossip podcast about seventy years too late. A great labour of love and dizzing research, this podcast aims to uncover and re-visit the capitvating history of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Listen to the latest episode here!

  • Welcome to Night Vale This podcast popped up when I first dipped my toe into the podcast pool at age sixteen. WTNV is a surreal and thoroughly enjoyable fiction podcast in the form of a community updates radio show. There are plenty of episodes to catch up on (stretching all the way from 2012). Find out more here!

  • Guardian Audio Long Reads The Guardian long read is a cornerstone of long form journalism. The topic can be anything, from the concept of ‘banter’ to Trump impersonators, from Brexit to lives spent on death row. There are hundreds of written and recorded articles to sort through and all are deeply thoughtful and interesting. Find their latest podcast on regeneration here!