International Women's Day 2018: A Digest

The Attic Digest is a series in which we the Editors share our (and your!) favorite posts. In this special Women's Day Edition, we share some empowering highlights from the archive as we reflect and continue to celebrate and work towards women's rights and equality, today and everyday. 

  • In selfie, n., Editor in Chief Olivia Lindem explores the history of self-portraits and defends the medium as a means of empowerment, identity, and representation.
  • For more on representation, Olivia also discusses the importance of diversity and (along with the rest of us) aims to further her feminist education through the reading of more books by African American women.
  • Fashion Editor Raquel Reyes looks to the suffragettes for fashion advice, tackling her own history of 'dressing like a woman' along the way.
  • For the men in our lives, Political Editor Lauren Olmeda offers advice on how to be better allies.
  • In the fight for true intersectionality, Culture Editor Eliza Campbell discusses Transgender Day of Remembrance and lists struggles still facing the LGBT community today.
  • Attic Contributor Annie Jo Baker walks us through a history of Sappho, and argues against those who would overshadow her queerness in an attempt to subdue her womanhood.

And as we celebrate others, we must remember the importance supporting ourselves in order to keep fighting:

  • An honest compendium of necessary life advice from Lifestyle Editor Lee Clark. 
  • Olivia's list of gentler women's fiction for escaping the noise of the real world, if only for a moment.
  • A note from Raquel on claiming love for yourself, and the fear of expressing emotions.
  • A pep talk from Lauren, as relevant today as it will continue to be every day of 2018.

Happy International Women's Day!


We are grateful for the opportunity to share our voices with you and hope to further showcase and strengthen the voices of women everywhere. If you'd like to join us, we are always accepting submissions here.