Introducing A New Advice Column


As February comes to an end, temperatures dip for some and rise for others, classes gain momentum, and collective morale seems to drop, we here at The Attic on Eighth feel that it's time to reconnect to our readers. Dear Lee, our Lifestyle Editor's column, will return, but until it does, the rest of us at the Attic are ready to take your questions. 

Whether you're struggling with the academic world, wondering how to talk to a family member about the latest politics, nursing a broken heart or planning a wedding, write in to us at If you know who you want to address yourself to, go ahead and specify – Dear Olivia is ready for anything academic, personal, or literary; Dear Lauren for the political and the relationship advice; Dear Raquel for the fashion sense and the no-nonsense good advice (did you catch her "This Is Not a Romantic Advice Column" last week?); Dear Rory for anything academic or beauty-related – otherwise whoever is best-equipped will answer your question! If you wish to remain anonymous, please tell us or even send us an anon on tumblr

We look forward to hearing you!