How to be a Saint (for Halloween)

Halloween is a favourite here at The Attic. Personally, I have been looking forward to it more than any other time – for the first time in a long time, I get to dress in a costume and go to a party!

I have been planning my costume for quite some time now, and I cannot wait! Beheading is involved of course (is anyone surprised?). Tonight I am going to transform into St Margaret of Antioch. She slew a dragon and was a beheaded martyr. Personally, it does not get any cooler than this.

So, without further ado, here are some pictures to show you my transformation.

First of all, makeup! 

Rory Halloween Makeup 1.JPG

You want to correct and contour - show em those cheekbones!  

Then you want to hit them with gold on your lids and glow on your cheeks. Pile up with the mascara or use those fake-lashes if you feel like it.

Rory Hallowen Eye Shadow.JPG
Rory Halloween Unicorn Serum.JPG
Rory Mirror Selfie.JPG

Then put on a black dress, your earrings and necklace, some good old-fashioned tears, coming down from just one eye and of course... the fake blood on your neck! If you’re a saint, chances are, you were beheaded!!  

Rory Saint Margaret of Antioch Halo.JPG

And don’t forget the halo and the sword! Now the fun can begin!

Rory Saint Margaret of Antioch Sword.JPG

And who are you this Halloween?