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Raquel Reyes

Creative Director

Creative Director & Fashion Editor

Having been raised in a sunny, quaint suburb of Southern California, Raquel always found herself on just this  side of the paradoxical. A penchant for style and nostalgia brought her to the Southeast, where she earned her BFA in Fashion Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design and then came to call home. While interested in all areas, she found her soul in the idea of creating clothes that deeply connects to its wearer, and wishes for nothing less than to create comfortable luxury for the rest of her life. Since graduating she has found herself bouncing back and forth in the local freelance art world, having worked for museums, photographers, installation artists, and many a well-dressed friend. When she isn’t in her home studio, Raquel can typically be found ordering far too many shots of espresso at her nearby coffee shop, making far too small a dent in her twenty-year-old to-be-read pile, and using far too many adjectives.