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Scent and Story: Perfumes for Your Favorite Literary Characters

“One of the things I love most about perfume is its transformative power — on a level most people aren’t fully aware of, scent has the power to evoke entire histories and characteristics within seconds, changing our perception of other people and ourselves, and giving us a unique tool for self-expression and disguise.” Perfume Columnist Mishka Hoosen takes us into the pages of favorite books to pair characters with unique scents.

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Cold Weather Skincare

As the internet becomes more and more saturated with this beauty trend or that, members of The Attic gather to discuss their own skin issues at this time of year and the trusted products that have worked for them.

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How to be a Saint (for Halloween)

Beauty Editor Rory Mara reemerges from the dead for Halloween with a modern day spin on a #medieval martyr – Saint Margaret of Antioch!

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