My Summer Hair Routine And Easy Styles


Summer can be fraught or fun for those of us with complicated hair. Personally, I always balance delicately between wishing it would just do something and wondering if I should yet again chop it all off. My early twenties saw bangs, bobs, lobs, shags, etc., and after several years (and a couple of regrettable relapses later) I can proudly say I’ve managed to keep my paws off of it enough to let it grow in peace.

But what’s a girl to do with all of this now that she has it? Keep it alive, I’d probably say. Over time the texture has been my downfall, somewhere between wavy and not, I’ve always had to contend with some form of frizz on what is otherwise fine, oily hair. But smoothing it all out with blow dryers and flat irons and products only led to breakage and further weighing down, and my resolve always ended in yet another topknot. Which led to yet another migraine, which led to yet another drastic haircut. I gave up heat styling completely almost a year ago, and since then my hair routine has been about learning to care for and embrace my natural hair.


In learning more about facial routines this year, I kind of had an epiphany. A hair routine is basically a facial routine, in that slapping on a mask or slathering on an oil at the end to fix a problem doesn't make a difference if your base isn’t doing it’s job. When I mentioned earlier this year my hopes of investing in more natural, healthy (and cruelty free!) products, the kind folks at Maple Holistics reached out and asked if I’d like to try their products. Having introduced a scalp exfoliator into my shower routine, I was looking for a deep conditioner, and was thus drawn to their Silk18 Conditioner*, as it promised to not only smooth frizz, but to repair damage as well. Together, this process has probably restored my hair to its childhood glory (and make it smell like sugar cookies, so even if it hasn’t, I’ve already won).

A small victory, but this summer what that means is that my hair can finally do something, including jump into my beloved stack of colorful painterly scarves, pins, and other accessories, without fear of breakage or slippage. Here are a few of my favorite natural, easy, summer hairstyles, and a few tips on how you can do them too!

When it’s still cool enough to only need some of the hair out of your face, I like to opt for a romantic half updo. My favorite method is to gather the front towards the highest point of my head and secure with every gold barrette I can find, creating an eclectic, minimal crown perfect for outdoor brunches or riding around in a convertible, letting the natural breeze infuse some volume into my tresses.

For an everyday option, I’ll go with a classic half updo, but never secure with hair tie! (Seriously, breakage.) For a subtle twist, I’ll braid the gathered hair about halfway down, and secure with a bow.

For fine hair and accessories, I like to tie scarves and bows to a sturdier clip or matching scrunchie instead of simply weaving it into my hair on its own, to avoid spending my days doing and redoing my ‘do.

Vintage CAbi Scarf,    J. Crew Tortoise Clip   .

Vintage CAbi Scarf, J. Crew Tortoise Clip.

Vintage Scrunchie,    Jamie Bourgeois Prairie Scarf   .

Vintage Scrunchie, Jamie Bourgeois Prairie Scarf.

Once the season makes its full appearance and I am fighting every urge to make yet another topknot, the chignon becomes my new best friend. Keeping it romantic, I’ll include a small scarf, loosely attaching it to the base of my hair via scrunchie, and proceed to hold it with my hair as I twist and wrap.

Securing the knot can be tricky, but it’s not hard to get a handle on: leaving the end of the scarf outside of your chignon after twisting, reach under to your loosely tied scrunchie and stretch enough to twist and loop it one final time around the base, securing both the chignon and the scarf, continuing to leave the end out for effect, or wrapping it around the knot if you like. (You can also secure with bobby pins if need be.)

Finally, the easiest summer (and autumn, winter, and spring, tbh) party look I have employed my entire adult life, the faux bob.There are different methods, but in making mine as loose and romantic as possible, I like to start by pulling all of my hair forward and weaving it into a side braid; the goal being to create dramatic looking waves around my head without resorting to a hair curler. (I like to keep my center part for a modern feel but a deep side part works as well!) Next, roll the braid upward and into itself, tucking it under the base of where you started and secure using pins. If you need any pins up top, try to make them fancy, or hide with a brooch later. For extra wispy effect, pull a few strands out up front and dance the night away...

These are a few of my favorite ways (and tips) to wear my hair in the summer but if you have any questions or ideas you want to see me attempt, let us know in the comments!

Raquel Reyes is Creative Director at The Attic on Eighth. She enjoys styling photo shoots, dramatic hair accessories, and old fashioned cocktails.

This post is not sponsored, however gifted items have been marked by an asterisk. Thanks again to Maple Holistics! To read more about their environmentally friendly products and values click here.