The Weekly Digest: 11th - 17th June


The Weekly Digest is a round-up of our (and your!) favorite posts of the week, highlighted together and split by activity for your weekend enjoyment. READ:

Beauty Editor Rory delves into the complexities of addressing yourself in another language through Jhumpa Lahiri's In Other Words.


With the world moving on, Political Editor Lauren reminds us not to forget about the health care debate in the US.


Feminism Editor Amy catches us up on politics in the UK.


In this week's Dear Lee post, Home & Family Editor Lee helps one of our own with an anniversary present.

With Amy traveling to Geneva to spend time with Rory and Olivia this week, this has been a busy few days for the Eight. Stay tuned for many more posts next week, and be sure to find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in the meantime!