Literally Six Hours in Nashville


I don't like country music. There are exceptions, namely Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline, but I don't even listen to those enough to consider myself a bonafide fan. I have however been drawn to the city of Nashville for a few years now, given its burgeoning art scene and vocal endorsement of the slow fashion movement.

The city is sprawling with gorgeous neighborhoods, good food, and several aesthetically pleasing independent businesses. I was fortunate to get a chance to travel there for the first time last month, staying the weekend in Germantown, a quiet up and coming neighborhood. While the majority of the trip revolved around business, I was allotted a rainy Sunday morning to explore, and tasted enough of Nashville to leave me wanting more.

As an unabashed caffeine obsessive, Crema Coffee Roasters was no doubt the highlight. After tasting their goods at Spitfire in New Orleans a couple of years ago it was both nostalgic and exciting to drink their coffee again.

To any Nashville readers out there, please send me recommendations! I'd love to do it up right next time.