Mother's Day (US)


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Mother's Day (US) will be celebrated on May 14th this year, and to remind myself you, I've put together a list of fourteen items worthy of the mother figure in your life.  I hope you have a wonderful mother in your life, whether they are your actual mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, or even that aunt you love dearly.  I'm all for celebrating women, and as a new parent myself I'm sharing items I would love to receive, or even buy for myself.  I think your mother will be pleased too.

Above are some ideas, with links (where relevant) to the items you see here.  And, if you can count(!), you will see that there are thirteen items here.  The fourteenth one is to SPEND QUALITY TIME.  This gift is essentially free, and I'm positive your mother will love it.  It can be a walk together, a cup of tea, a pedicure, a brunch you make at home, a cake (dear god, let there be cake), or whatever the two of you love doing together.  Now, on to the items above.

A handbag.  I love a handbag, and as a new parent all I ever tote around is my diaper bag.  I would love a cross-body bag (or a nanny), as I never have a free hand, and one this chic one from Cuyana would make me feel a little more like my pre-baby self.

A candle.  I love a candle, and a floral one at that.  If you want to go luxe, Diptyque is always a safe choice. All of their scents are wonderful and incredibly long-lasting.  Don't even get me started on the branding, because I'm a sucker for that too.

Sunglasses.  My husband and I actually did this for his mother one year.  We bought her a gift card to Warby Parker to get some new prescription sunglasses and went with her to pick them out after a lunch together.  It was a nice built-in activity and she left with a new pair of sunglasses which she loved.

Tickets.  Tickets to any event you think you and your mother would like.  This can be to a new film you want to see, tickets to an exhibit, the symphony, or a concert, etc.

Earrings.  Pearls are a classic.  End of sentence.

Flowers.  From your garden (or your neighbor's, I won't tell) or your local florist.  We have a lot of really lovely choices this time of year for flowers so get what you think (or bonus points, KNOW) your mother would like.  If you don't know anything about flowers, get your florist to help you.  They will be happy to help.

Sweet treat.  I have a terrible sweet tooth (hello, dentist!), so any baked good is always welcome in my home.  I'm sure it would be welcome in yours, too.  This year, I'll be making a coconut cake for my mother-in-law who will be here visiting us (stay tuned for that).

Ring.  I was given this ring from Nora Kogan by my husband.  It's a delicate little piece that simply looks like a gold band from afar but the edge has the word "Mama" engraved on it and a little diamond next to it.  It's understated, and is one of my favorite things.

Card.  Write a sweet card to your mother.  Thank her; parenting is no joke.  You can even make your own card, just like when you were a kid.  It will be guaranteed to touch your mother's heart.

Photo.  I'm actually quite terrible with printing off photos, yet I have a billion (approximately) on my phone.  I would love for someone to step in, print and frame some for me.  I'm sure your mother would love a photo of you, and since you're the one printing and framing you can actually pick one of yourself you like.

Book.  Fates and Furies is one of my favorite books in recent years.  I'd love time to read it again, or just time to read.  Find a new book for your mother, or even an old favorite.  Quiet time alone to read a new or old favorite book is a treasure.

Perfume.  Jo Malone makes some heavenly scents and picking one out (or a scent from any perfumer) with your mother in mind is terribly sweet.  If you're unsure about what she would like, this is something you could even do together!

Sandals.  Who doesn't love a beautiful shoe? With summer on the horizon a fun sandal sounds like just what we all need.

Happy Mother's Day to you and yours!


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