Dear Lee | An Introduction


"Help! I have people coming over in an hour, what can I serve them that takes no time?"

"My BFF is expecting, and I have no idea what to get her, or the baby!"

"A close family friend died, I'd like to write a card to express my sympathy but I don't even know where to begin."


It's been my dream to write an advice column, so I'm quite thrilled to tell you I'm doing just that.

Luckily, I can help you out with all three scenarios above, and many more.  I tend to be the older sister, or even the mother (before I even became an actual mother), of my group of friends so they often come to me for advice.  This advice ranges from flower tips, to dealing with boyfriends and girlfriends, and the best places to eat in Texas.  My goal for this column is to provide you with what I know from my own experiences.  I've long been a fan of etiquette and manners books but so often they are out of date, and sometimes, out of touch for the modern person.  I'm here to offer you practical advice.  I hope you take me up on it.

For this advice and etiquette column to work, I want to hear directly from you, regularly.  I plan give you realistic advice with candor.  Please email me at, or feel free to leave comments on the Ask Lee articles.  I will answer a question, or time permitting questions, every Monday.  If you prefer to remain anonymous, please let me know, and I will honor your request.  If your question is time sensitive, please let me know that as well.  Contrary to what I believe about myself...I don't know everything.  If I find I do not have the best answer for you, I'll do my research to provide you with what I would do in that situation.  Or, direct it to one of our other lovely The Attic on Eighth editors, all of whom have a wealth of knowledge different than my own.

I hope to hear from you, and I hope I can help.