Dear Lee | Brunch Guest


Dear Lee, An acquaintance invited me over for brunch at her house.  I accepted her invitation (I'm really looking forward to it, and getting to know her better!) but I failed to ask if I should bring something.  Should I reach out to ask, or just show up morning of with something in hand?

Thank you!




Thank you for writing!  This is a great question.  Since this is an acquaintance, and not yet a full-fledged friend I would say that you can be a little more formal than you would otherwise than say dropping by your best friend's house for brunch.

However, no need to worry about asking your hostess if you should bring something.  She invited you to brunch at her house, and if she wanted you to bring something she would have asked you.  By extending an invitation to you for brunch at her home, without further instruction, means that she has it covered.  Also, you don't want to show up day of with something in hand that may not be in step with her menu, which she lovingly prepared.

Though, since this is your first time at her house and she's hosting, I would recommend bringing a small gift.  This can take many different forms.  My personal favorites move from very easy things like flowers or a potted plant, a nice candle, linen napkins, to something a little more involved like monogrammed hand towels or napkins, or personalized address labels (Hey, is it clear I have a thing for monograms? Let me know.)  But you are not required to bring anything other than a good appetite and good attitude!  So make sure you at least bring those two!

I'm going to list some of my favorite go-tos for hosting gifts in hopes that it helps!


Flowers/Potted Plant — local florist/Whole Foods/Trader Joe's (has a wonderful selection!) Pick something in season, and easy to care for.

A Nice Candle — I swear by Voluspa candles (Mokara is a personal favorite).

Linens — Pottery Barn; Restoration Hardware; Williams-Sonoma; and Etsy, which will be your best friend for personalization/monograms/embroidered anything your heart desires (and what you think your host will like).  Just try not to fall down the rabbit hole like I always do!  Actually, I may make a post of some favorite shops on Etsy for this sort of thing.  Stay tuned...

Address Labels — Felix Doolittle, trust me on this.


I hope this helps!







p.s. I don't make any money on these links.  I'm simply recommending items I know and love.  Though if someone wants to pay me in Mokara candles you won't have to twist my arm.