A Day Spent in Shakespeare's Hometown


I have a confession to make. I have lived my entire life (aside from when I've been at university) in Warwickshire, a mere 25 minutes or so away from Stratford-upon-Avon. Despite this, it has taken me until yesterday morning to set foot inside Shakespeare's Birthplace. Or, indeed, any of the properties associated with William Shakespeare in the town. As a lover of ole Shakey's work and a person with a literature degree, this is pretty awful going. In my defence, when you live somewhere it takes more effort to visit the tourist attractions than it does to simply go shopping. As someone who feels a very deep connection to her home county, its landscape, and subsequently the works of its most famous son, it's a bit weird to feel like a tourist in a place that's essentially home. Today, however, I spent the morning in the spa at Billesley Manor Hotel, an Elizabethan property that boasts a library once used by the Bard himself. I didn't get to go inside as it was being painted. I did peek in through the window and it didn't look that Elizabethan so I'm not too upset. After lunch, my mother and I spent the afternoon visiting Shakespeare's Birthplace,  New Place and Hall's Croft. Here is my day in pictures!