By Our Bedsides, Vol. 4


By Our Bedsides is a new evening series in which we share the books, beauty products, and whatever else it may be that we’re winding down with at the moment. In this edition, Raquel talks us through the items on her nightstand that support her hectic schedule.

All of my routines pretty much fall to shambles during my busy season, so to say that I live at my bedside table would be likely misleading. To say that I live on it, however, would be a different story. Like Rory said in her post, my bedside table is a sacred place, and this one contains almost everything I need at any time of day.

Upon waking, I usually have a [not pictured] glass of water waiting for me, as well as this Kiehl's Caffeinated Eye Cream waiting for application before I go on with my day. My skin dries out immensely at this time of year, so instead of washing, my nighttime routine usually involves a cotton pad doused with micellar water (currently Garnier however Boots has a lovely hibiscus one I've used in the past), followed by Mario Badescu's Rose Water and this Ole Henrikson Mattifying Cream. Due to the extremely sensitive nature of my skin, I find I'll sporadically break into hives much more easily and often lately, and the oats in this have intensely helped soothe everything. If I'm having a particularly dry week, I'll pop on a light layer of the Fresh Rose Face Mask and sleep in it. It dries quickly and clear so there's no fear of ruining a pillow case. My lips chap as well this time of year so I tend to lose and keep lip balms all over. This Caudalie Lip Conditioner lives here, but I keep a mint EOS one in my bag at all times and a Bite Lip Mask lives in my medicine cabinet.

If I'm going out, I also get ready at my bedside, so I've got an old candle that now holds my hairbrush, eyeliner, a few pens for when I'm looking, and old prescription eyeglasses just for fun. Also not pictured is the drawer full of Glossier bags and makeup just underneath. The coupé glass to the left holds jewelry I wear on a regular basis, mostly vintage or locally purchased rings, and the small box just beneath that a pair of earrings my dear friend gifted me for my birthday this year. I wear them constantly but keep them in the original gift box for fear of losing them elsewhere. I also keep matchbooks nearby as I'm terrible with a lighter. I'm not particularly loyal to any candle brand but I’ll usually love anything scented with tobacco or made to smell like an old fireplace. I found this one on sale and it's called Amber Oud (similar here).

I’ve just received this lovely paperback copy of Ali Smith's Autumn, which I'm trying to read before the season actually ends. I've got a feeling I might just have to disappear for 48 hours sometime soon in order to do it. Otherwise, I've been reading Sourdough by Robin Sloan as per Olivia’s hearty recommendation; a few pages here and there when I get the chance. I've not gotten as far as I'd like but I'm definitely falling in love.