By Our Bedsides, Vol. 2


By Our Bedsides is a new evening series in which we share the books, beauty products, and whatever else it may be that we’re winding down with at the moment. In this edition, Lauren takes us through her current reads and her cold weather routine.

Now that I am in the States and will be for the remainder of the winter, my skin requires extra care as it hasn't faced such cold temperatures in two years. Kiehl's is my go-to for all my skincare needs, and their Creme de Corps is such a solid favourite of mine – this is my fourth bottle. For my face, I always cleanse and moisturise before bedtime, then spritz some of L'Occitane's Immortelle Essential Water on my clean skin to keep it hydrated overnight. At nighttime I love to apply Lush Sleepy body lotion on my chest and arms. I can't say for certain that it makes me fall asleep any faster than normal, but its lavender and oat scent is so calming that I know it helps!

I have just finished reading Days Without End by Sebastian Barry; its haunting storyline and vivid characters were so rich that I forced myself to read it slowly to soak up each and every word. My next venture is (finally!) the third instalment in Ken Follett's Kingsbridge series, A Column of Fire. I also like to keep a bit of Hillary Rodham Clinton by my bedside, just in case the day has been discouraging and I need some words of wisdom. Reading has been essential to my nighttime routine for my entire life, as nothing calms me quite as much as a good bedtime story (and gives my eyes a break from screens). In addition, I keep my Moleskin for journaling and two gorgeous notebooks – gifts from my boyfriend – to write lists, plan articles and posts, and to write whatever else might come to mind.

I always remove my pearl earrings before I sleep, gifted to me by my parents for my 20th birthday. I wear two rings: a silver claddagh ring that I got in Kilkenny on my first trip to Ireland in 2011 and a simple silver Tiffany band also gifted to me by my parents for my high school graduation. I've hung this small ornamental Queen Elizabeth I on my lamp – she is a constant source of strength for me. This simple pine scented candle from Glade was a steal for only $3 and its atmospheric holiday scent calms me in the hours before I sleep. Last but not least, the photo in the frame is of my grandma and great-grandma, two strong, wonderful women.