The Attic Digest: 14th August - 30th September


After a busy offline period, The Attic Digest is back with a round-up of our (and your!) favorite posts of the past six (!!) weeks, highlighted together and split by activity for your weekend enjoyment. READ:

Author M.L. Rio shares a list of campus novels to get you into the academic spirit.


Culture Editor Eliza Campbell discusses whitewashing in Hollywood and shares an ode to autumn.


Political Editor Lauren Olmeda ponders the shortage of compassion in the wake of recent disasters.


In a new photo series, The Eight share their favorite, recent coffee photos.


Beauty Editor Rory Marangi shares her autumn skincare routine and asks to hear about yours.


Literature Editor Olivia Lindem shows you how to pull an everyday Holly Golightly look together.


Literature Editor Olivia Lindem walks us through bookshops in Istanbul.

Bonus! Raquel and Olivia kick off the #AutumnAtTheAttic tag on Instagram. Keep your eyes out for new photos!

We’ll be back with plenty more posts this month! In the meantime, find us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Tumblr!