Five Things to Do This October

It might be impossible to choose, but October is arguably the best month. Autumn settles in, the pressure of September leaves us free to simply enjoy the season, and something in the air, the moon; allows us to freely embrace our spooky, uninhibited witch nature. A long, long time ago, the Editors of the Attic bonded over their love of witchcraft in fiction and pop culture. It was an aesthetic and symbolic love, extending towards the fashion and production designs exhibited in their favorite films and shows, as well as communicated in the strength shown by the various bewitching characters who would otherwise be disempowered in their own universes. We wanted their wardrobes, their flawlessly decorated surroundings, the loyalty of their sisters and their outspoken fearlessness. As the autumnal season heightens our moods and lifts our spirits, October reminds us of our potential and the empowered people we hope to be, and so we celebrate it.

Here are five things to do this October: 

  • Brew your favorite warm drink. Whether you’re stopping for a pumpkin spice latte or choosing to mull a favorite drink at home, the temperatures are finally dropping (at least a little bit) and there’s no easier way to get cozy than to cuddle up with a read and something warm. Sometimes we’ll accompany our favorite coffees with a little pumpkin bread or sit down for a watch and something a little more special, like Raquel’s Halloween mulled wine.

  • Watch a spooky film or two (or thirty). We have no shortage of favorite autumn films here at the Attic. Whether you’re picking from Lee’s Halloween movies list, Olivia’s understatedly spooky list, or Zoë’s films to welcome in the season, you can’t go wrong. Make a (theme) weekend of it and host your friends. Cook your favorite comfort foods. Get out your softest throws. There’s no better way to set the scene and define your October!

  • Find your favorite candy. Dressing up for Halloween may be a thing of the past for some of us, but there’s no reason why the other best part of Halloween needs to be. Depending on where you’ve settled in the world, a favorite childhood candy isn’t always easy to find, but the advent of Halloween is the perfect reason to track it down. If you’ve never lost sight of it, then pick a new treat. Indulge a little, and feed your inner child. If candy isn’t your thing, embrace snacks of the season: roasted nuts, caramel apples, pretzels with mustard or cheese dip.

  • Burn your favorite scented candle. More than anything, autumn is atmosphere. When you can’t be constantly baking seasonal desserts, inhaling the warm scent of your favorite drink, or walking through a forest and breathing in that crisp, clean air, a candle is the easiest way to bring the sensory delights of autumn wherever you may be (while home is obvious, carrying your favorite in a travel size will bring comfort when visiting family later in the season!). The choice is up to you, whether you like sweeter options — anything involving apples or pumpkin spice will do, or for the more nature-inclined, warm and woodsy scents can also evoke the season with undertones of leather and savory fruit.

  • Figure out your autumn wardrobe. Our motivation for embracing autumn may have arrived with the first turning leaf of September, but October is when things start to get interesting. Take a look at your wardrobe and swap out what you need for the season. Fold away your summer separates and unpack your autumnal wares; decide what no longer suits you, what you want to give away or trade with friends. Set a mood with what you want to restyle or acquire. Find your witchiest look, lace up your boots, and fly — even if it’s just through the stacks at your local library. 

Olivia Gündüz-Willemin is Editor-in-Chief of The Attic on Eighth. She is dedicated to reading her way through the world and trying to stay as calm as possible.

Raquel Reyes is Creative Director at The Attic on Eighth. She enjoys styling photo shoots, dramatic hair accessories, and old fashioned cocktails.