Sunday Strolls, Vol. 4: London

I love travelling alone. To  be honest, I had forgotten the pleasures of being with yourself and doing exactly what you want to do and go precisely where you wish to go. Travelling with friends has many undoubted advantages, and it's just more fun, isn't it? Or maybe not. It's a whole new world! 

London is the perfect place to wander and ponder such questions. It is the place you can have fun in, no matter what, because there just is something for everyone.

Left on my own, this is what I did on a snowy Sunday last weekend. 

First stop was the Tower of London. Have you really been to London if you don't pay homage to Anne Boleyn? Answer is: NO, you have not. 

After a very quick and efficient lunch, it was time for luxurious coffee and cake. Nothing beats Peggy Porschen's cupcakes and general aesthetic.

Strolling around the Tower of London, I follow the advice of a friend and went to stroll for the first time through the garden of St Dunstan-in-the-Field – I was not disappointed! St Dunstan is now a ruin-turned-garden. I have to say, this is my idea of heaven.

After such a lovely day, I couldn't help but be inspired! Check out my poem, written for World Poetry Day.

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