Sunday Strolls, Vol. 3: Paris in Winter

Sunday Strolls is an Attic series in which our Editors offer you a glimpse into their everyday lives by taking you around some of the cities they love. In this third edition, Olivia takes you on a four-day walk around Paris.

Paris, to many, is associated with the springtime. To me though, it's always winter. My first trip to Paris (as a nine year old) was in January, and from it, I mostly remember gray streets, soufflé, and Picasso. Most of the dozen or so trips that have followed have been during the three months of winter. I've grown to think the city looks best with gray skies, streets glistening with drops of rain, wind blowing, no leaves on the trees. It may seem bleak to many, but I love winter and the frozen glow that it gives to life, especially when you're taking refuge indoors, drinking hot chocolate or wine. 

My latest trip to Paris followed much of this same pattern. In town for my birthday, we spent the four day weekend walking all over, visiting favorite museums, cathedrals, bookshops, and restaurants.  I'll walk you through my favorite English-language bookshops in another post, but here are some of the visual highlights of our trip – including the Musée d'Orsay, the overflowing Seine, a long-overdue return to the Notre-Dame de Paris, an incredible look at the stained glass of Sainte Chapelle, and the Louvre.

Photos taken by Olivia Lindem and Antoine Willemin. 

All clothes and jewelry my own. Coat - old and much loved (similar here). Bow Gloves – old (similar here). Handbag – Bally, old collection. Tartan skirt – J.Crew