Sunday Strolls, Vol. 2: Savannah


Sunday Strolls is a new Attic series in which our Editors offer you a glimpse into their everyday lives by taking you around some of the cities they call home. In this second edition, Raquel offers a walk around her Savannah neighborhood on a specifically historic occasion. 

Endearingly known as the largest small town you'll ever see, Savannah, Georgia is completely anachronistic in nature, and yet utterly full of surprises. The town is full of historical landmarks as well; being the oldest city in the state, hosting some of the first churches and museums in the South, and playing crucial roles in both the Revolutionary and Civil wars. Playing its part in my own personal revolution, Savannah was the town I chose to call home almost as soon as I turned 18, and has thus carried many historical firsts for me as well.

Earlier this week, snow fell in Savannah for the first time in almost thirty years. And while that may not seem like much to anybody north of the Mason Dixon line, having left a sunny, Southern California suburb for a humid, subtropical climate both of which never see snow, the truth comes out. In my twenty-plus years living on this planet, I have never seen snow. Until now. So amongst waking up to the sound of snowfall and various text messages alerting me to the current weather condition, I was also frequently asked the underlying question: what do think? And let me tell you friends, it was magic.