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Bookshops of the World, Vol. 5: Washington, D.C.

In the latest “Bookshops of the World,” Olivia and Raquel tour the American capital through its bookshelves.

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Overcoming Asymmetry

“There is no answer, and I have no answer. That it is the beauty and, I believe, the strength of Asymmetry. None of it fits together. It is asymmetrical. It poses more questions than it answers about different dynamics and experiences, questions of authorship and authority and politics and culture[, and] despite this, it gives to the world and adds to its definitions of humanity.”

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In Defence of Marie Kondo – What Does It Mean to ‘Spark Joy’?

Inspired by Marie Kondo, Jessica Armstrong considers what it means to “spark joy” by turning to literature and other aspects of life before tidying up.

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