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How to Dress Like You're In Costalegre

In this edition of How To Dress Like Your Novel, Olivia Gündüz-Willemin and Raquel Reyes look to the recently released Costalegre, exploring its themes of environment, art, and mother-daughter relationships, each interpreting these through their own lens.

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How to Dress Like You’re in a John Singer Sargent Painting

In her first piece for The Attic, new contributor Mary Hitchman shares her style and methods for dressing like the glamorous subjects of our favorite portraitist.

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Morris & Co x H&M: A Conflict Between Culture and Commerciality?

“Fashion is also one of the most genuine forms of self-care I know. Not only is it a means to assert political feeling, but it can also be a valid way to find comfort in spite of the uncertainty and hurt the political climate continues to inflict.”

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