Our Morning Rituals, Vol. 5

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Our Morning Rituals is a lifestyle series in which the Attic editors and writers give us a glimpse of their mornings – what do they eat? what products do they use? what do they read? In this latest edition of the series, contributor Georgia Andrews takes us through her routine.

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Ever since I can remember I have been a morning person, from the early days of excitedly waking my family up before the crack of dawn to now, when my partner often discovers me dozing beside a book, having woken around 5AM eager to start the next novel on my TBR pile. That said, my favourite part of the mornings consists of savouring them slowly and I hate being woken by alarms; for me, leaving the curtains slightly open and gradually drifting awake as the first beams of sunlight filter in is nothing short of blissful.

Listening to the buzz of my cherished coffee machine is one of my favourite morning calls-to-action. Once a five-cups-a-day caffeine fiend, I now treat myself to a coffee when I’m feeling luxurious and prefer dark, smoky Italian blends to slowly sip alongside a book, often in bed or while sitting in our bedroom’s sunspot surrounded by plants. My current read is A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, which I’ve finally picked up having been recommended it by a friend several months ago, though I also enjoy reading poetry in the morning (an absolute favourite being John Donne’s The Sun Rising).

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Morning is also the time when I set my day off to a productive start. Since being reintroduced to the bullet journal method during something of a quarter-life crisis last year, I now find writing out the day’s appointments, events, and deadlines a mindful and useful activity well worth the time, particularly when it comes to staying on top of freelance work and my producer role in the current theatre project I’m working on. Bullet journaling is also a handy way to measure and re-evaluate priorities; as a sometimes frantically busy bee, it’s a way for me to check I’m not overcommitting and that I’ve planned my days off with rest in mind. Although I try not to pick up my phone until I’m out of bed, I often use this time for a quick scroll through the gardens and dogs of Pinterest (one can but dream) and respond to emails that have found their way to my inbox overnight.

While I’m hoping to go make-up free this May for UK charity Who is Olivia so have been cutting down on concealer and foundation, I do tend to apply eye makeup towards the end of my morning, occasionally paired with a red lip. Skincare is my main beauty priority – thanks to my sensitive skin, I’m very careful to keep my face hydrated and clean, starting and ending each day with the Elemis pro-collagen cleansing balm, whose floral scent brings back happy memories of the open-air production in which it was recommended to me by one of the lovely makeup artists. I also spray my face with rose and sunflower oil before going to bed each night and wake up dewy and refreshed, and always pause to massage my jaw muscles for a minute each morning in the name of classical training.  

Now that I’m starting to enjoy running again after a long spell of inactivity on the exercise front and beginning to prepare myself for the early-morning journey to lectures and rehearsals that October will bring, I’ve started experimenting with overnight oats as a healthy, quick breakfast to prepare the night before:my current favourite is oats dusted with cinnamon, one cup of almond or oat milk and banana slices topped with organic maple syrup, all done in less than five minutes after work and left to refrigerate for 6 to 12 hours – enjoy!

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Georgia Andrews is a freelance actor, writer and facilitator currently based in East London (via Helsinki, Philadelphia and the Midlands). When not writing, acting or embracing “funemployment”, she can be found tending to her fifteen houseplants or curled up with a book.