Launched in April 2017, The Attic on Eighth is an online publication celebrating all kinds of different women and their interests. Created from what Lee Clark once called an “accidental, aesthetic coven” of women that slowly formed from 2011 to 2015, The Attic is invested in keeping one eye on feminism at all times. Inspired by the trope of "the madwoman in the attic," we wish to reappropriate a place symbolically used to confine women who do not conform and transform the Attic into a place of openness for those who feel like they are not heard or seen. 

The Attic on Eighth's editors span half the globe and include grad students, young professionals, and domestic goddesses in their midst. They know that no interest is more important than another, and that no one thing makes a twenty-first century woman the ideal feminist. Through their passions for Beauty, Culture, Fashion, Lifestyle, Literature, and Politics, The Attic’s editors hope to bring you varied original content which both informs and inspires you in a myriad of ways. We welcome you to our Coven, and hope that you stay a while.